State-of-the-art automated factories


NEXEN TIRE’s potential comes from the outstanding manufacturing competitiveness of each of its production bases.

The ‘Yangsan Factory’ serves as the control tower and has the core production capabilities of NEXEN TIRE.
The ‘Qingdao Factory’ established the bridgehead for advance into the Chinese market and has outstanding manufacturing competitiveness.
The ‘Changnyeong Factory’ produces environment-friendly high-value-added products based on state-of-the-art automated facilities.


For strategic cooperation among its production bases and balanced production, NEXEN TIRE operates independent optimal IT systems, MES and SCM, thereby ensuring more systematic production management and efficient supply.

The ‘Czech Factory,’ which will have the technology and know-how that NEXEN TIRE accumulated over the past 70 years, and state-of-the-art facilities, it set to become the center of tire production in Europe and a new growth engine of NEXEN TIRE.

NEXEN TIRE produced 39 million tires in 2015, and is forecast to produce 44 million tires in 2018 when the Czech factory starts operations, and 52 million tires in 2021 by expanding its supply system to become a global leading company.


NEXEN TIRE produces tires through top-tire facilities

NEXEN TIRE boasts top-tire manufacturing facilities in the industry. NEXEN TIRE produces top quality products through top-notch facilities and systems that lead amazing change in the tire market.

Introduction to the state-of-the-art automated processes


– Mixing
– Extrusion Process


– Calendering
– Bead Process


– Building Process


– Curing
– Inspection
– Shipment Process